R3000 Cartridge dripping ink when refilling

Hello there, I have an R3000 with Inketjet Mall refillable cartridges (~8 months old) and ConeColor Pro K3 Vivid inks. I periodically remove the cartridges, top the up and agitate to keep the pigment suspended. The problem I am having is that when I remove the VLM cartridge it drips ink from the hole in the bottom of the cartridge (where it plugs into the printer). The drip is slow, but continues when I am refilling and is messy. I wear gloves and cover the hole with my finger, but it is difficult manipulate the ink syringe at the same time. None of the other cartridges act this way. Any thoughts on how keep the dripping, or do I need to purchase another cartridge?

Your cartridge is still under warranty (one year) so we’ll get you out a replacement.

Warning, the replacement will be a new and improved version (a 60mL). It will stick up a bit. It’s not aesthetic exactly but way more functional and safe to use.

Instructions on this page: https://shop.inkjetmall.com/ReUsable-Cart-Auto-Reset-Chip-R3000-V2-Vivid-Light-Magenta.html


Walker, thank you for sending a replacement cartridge.
Question: can I assume that the new cartridge will indicate “empty” when 50ish mls of ink is used, or will it call it empty after 20ish mls (~old cartridge volume) is used up?

thanks again, Skip

It will indicate empty after 20mLs. It gives you 2 misses on topping off before it starts getting critical low on ink. This is a safety measure as many users in the past have seen the ink error, pulled the cartridge put it back in and not noticed that has reset to full (they have not topped off). So this cartridge allows for a missed reset/top-off.

There all sorts of other subtle internal flow design changes too.