R3000 Cartridge Chips look different

Hi Support Folks!

I purchased 4 refillable cartridges for my Epson R 3000 which arrived last week. I filled two of them on Sunday and noticed that the chips are very different from the previous ones I have purchased. I have scoured your site for information and don’t see any information about a change. I did install them and they were recognized by the printer and show as full. They did not print on a nozzle check, but I believe I have clogged lines, so I can’t say for certain they don’t work. (I have another order pending for Piezo Flush and a set of cartridges).

See the attached photos. I have two questions, make that three…

  1. Are the cartridge chips correct?
  2. If so, how are they reset?
  3. If they are correct, can you also direct me to instructions for them on your site?


Mike R

Hi Mike,

The chips for the R3000 cartridges have changed to a Non-Battery (NB) style chip that is automatically reset and cannot be manually reset. ALL of our cartridges, as well as our chips are now the NB style and you can no longer purchase the battery styled chips.

This link is for the R3000 refill instructions, under “How to Reset Chip” you will see the instructions for the Newer style listed under 2. follow this link for these instructions http://shopping.netsuite.com/c.362672/site/techdocs/R3000_Refill_Cart_Instructions-email.pdf

I see this chip also has an additional contact on the upper right that none of my NB style have, wonder what that’s for?