R3000 Can't clean heads

I have used these inks for almost a year and all of a sudden I am having nothing but trouble. First the LLB goes dead, it starts working after five cleaning cycles. Then the Yellow goes dead, and is still dead. I top off all the other inks and then my VM goes dead. What can I do to get back in business?

Hi Ed~ Did this begin after carts ran empty and refilled? How often have you been using the printer vs. how long has it sat unused? What is the humidity level in your printing environment? Have you cleaned the capping station, wiper blade and bottom of the print head as per our instructions?

Please let me know so I can help you get back to happily printing~ Dana :slight_smile:

I am noticing a number of things that seem to have happened to get to this point. First was the LLB going dry with out notice on the indicator. I will need to make a ink fill chart to make sure I look at the cartridges in a timely manner no matter what the indicators say. I do use the printer daily but had just been on a two week vacation. I also noticed the VM, which is the least used of the inks had started to dry out in the cartridge, especially in the exit chamber. That seems to be the most difficult chamber to fill also.
I had to pull a vacuum to get the LLB to fill again in the exit chamber, will that damage the cartridge? I’m sure the humidity is low in the printing office, it always is in the winter months, didn’t know that was an issue.
What is the capping station I am suppose to clean, and how do you access the wiper blade and bottom of the print head on the R3000?

Hi Ed~

Thanks for the additional information. If the exit chamber is empty (or less than about 1/2 full) in any of your refill carts, you will want to plug the air vent hole and refill the cartridge using the vacuum method to refill the exit chamber with ink. The cartridges should not empty before the printer indicates they are low or empty, provided they were filled all the way in the beginning when the chip read full, and the chip is only reset after the cartridge is refilled with ink. If your LLK cartridge is emptying before the printer indicates, and/or you are experiencing flow issues in that position, you may be experiencing flow issues related to using carts for over a year, and may benefit from using a new LLK cartridge.

Humidity is very important, and we follow Epson’s recommendations of maintaining 40-60% humidity levels in the printing environment for the best results with the printer, ink and papers. Low humidity can cause drying and clogging, especially if a printer is not used regularly (we recommend at least once a week). We constantly monitor humidity levels to maintain the recommended limits, by using air conditioners in the humid Summer months, and humidifiers in the dry Winter months.

We have detailed cleaning procedures, as well as a link to watch our video demonstration of these and several other helpful cleaning/maintenance tips with desktop printer modes, which you can read here: http://www.inkjetmall.com/tech/content.php?133-Printer-Preventative-Maintenance

I hope this all helps. Please let me know if you have questions or if there’s anything further that I can help you with.
Best regards~ Dana :slight_smile:

Thanks Dana, the information and the video was priceless and I am now back in business.

Fantastic news- I am very glad to hear you are back in business, and that our instructions/video were helpful to you! :slight_smile:

Best regards and happy printing~ Dana :slight_smile: