R3000 Black edge/streaks

Cone Ink System
Epson R3000

I just started to see a black edge and black stains/smear along the left edge near the top corner. There is also some black showing up as a dash or three in other colors of a test page. The printer has very little print time. There is still some of the original color ink cartridges in it. The Blacks are Cone. Anyway it is not really loaded with ink slop inside. Any thoughts? Ran head cleans 4 times. Thanks.
Tried to attach an image jpg and pdf. All I get is a red stop sign with it but no support about what is wrong.

You may be printing with too low of a platen gap for the thickness of your paper. Also, look to see if your paper is curled up on its leading edges. Both of these factor can cause the head to make contact with the paper.

Safari works for uploading images FYI.