R3000 Auto reset carts not reseting?

I have a clogged head and want to do an “initial fill” with the epson service utility and piezoFlush.
I refilled my empty carts with piezoFlush but the carts did not set to full.
When I attempt the initial fill process I get an “ink out” error on the utility and the printer then reports that the cartridges are not
recognized. ( all the cartridges!)
It seems to me the problem is that the cartridge chips are not auto reseting.

Any assistance is appreciated

Hi Ronald~

Do you have the non-battery auto reset style chips on your R3000 carts, or the older manual reset style chips? I see you bought a set of refill carts and ConeColor ink before the second set of carts and PiezoFlush, are the color carts working/recognized by your printer? If so, you can install the set of color carts, then replace one at a time with the flush carts to check recognition of each one until you find the culprit. You can get replacement chips here: http://shop.inkjetmall.com/Spare-Chips-and-Batteries/#filter:custitem116:Stylus$2520Photo$2520R3000

Best~ Dana

I have the non battery auto-reset cartridges loaded with p flush. The color carts which use both battery and non battery chips all are recognized as full (appropriately). None of the non battery auto reset cartridges I purchased for use with P flush are auto resetting.Even though I emptied these cartridges and refilled them, they still are shown as only very partially filled by the printer, and the printer reports them as not recognized only after I attempt an initial fill cycle. They are not resetting.
PS. I prefer the manual reset carts at this point!!


The only way the printer “sees” ink levels of carts is by reading the chips, so physically emptying and refilling doesn’t change the chip read. It sounds like there are three things going on: 1. the cartridge chips read low ink levels by the printer, 2. the ink levels are too low for your printer to do an Initial Fill cycle, prompting the error, and 3. the cartridge chips won’t reset right now because the ink levels aren’t reading low enough. (Yes, I prefer the manual reset battery style chips much better). Can you do a few regular cleaning cycles, to bring the chip ink levels down enough so they reset to full, then you can do the Init Fill? Otherwise, you can get a new set of chips to attach to your PiezoFlush carts.

Best~ Dana

I’ve run numerous head cleaning cycles.(6-7) Printer shows carts with just the most minimal ink levels. They still do not reset after removing carts from printer and replacing them in position. ( what does it look like when they are read as empty?)
I’m thinking is using the chips from my ink carts and switching then onto the p flush carts as they are mostly manual resetting type.
I can’t believe a whole set of carts fail at the same time.

R3000 cartridges must be printed until they reset. Then one takes the cartridge out and tops off with ink and places it into the printer. When an ARC chip resets, the printer will either show “ink out” or “ink cartridge error”. It will pause printing on the printer until the cartridge is taken out and filled and place back in.

The action of taking a cartridge out and putting it back in does not reset the cartridge. The cartridge will only reset while the printer is actively printing and sending current (electricity) to the chip.

This is a common mis-conception with ARC (auto reset chips) that they simply reset when one pulls them out and places them back in the printer. Not so, they must be printed until reset. If you feel like you may run out of ink, simply top them off and keep printing until they reset.

If you are in a situation where you need to do an init-fill, you either need new chips or you need to print purge sheets of each channel until each chip resets to full.


R3000 manual battery-style chips are just not available on the world market due to many variables including lithium battery laws, quality of product, and much more. It is high on our agenda to either find or make a chip resetter for the ARC-style R3000s but this could be impossible.


That was very helpful. I don’t think I fully understood the reset process.
Instructions for purge sheets??

Here you go: