R2880 PW sensor

First its not the print pad reset.
I swapped MK to PK ink and suddenly got fatal error 0x61, PW sensor. Is there any easy fixes or do I need to attempt to put apart my printer and hopefully just clean the sensor. The platen seems clear too.


I see on FB that you did the breakdown of your printer.

Any luck?

This sensor can get dirty but it’s not always the sensor. The PW Sensor (ink mark sensor) is available at Compass Micro but possibly not in the R2880 section. I would call them. It’s not an expensive part and can be replaced with tweezers.


Hi Walker,
Yes I pulled it apart, and it started working again. So I put it back together. So none the wiser why it stopped which is a little annoying because I want to get rid of the 1430 but now I’ll wait until Im sure the 2880 remains working.
So back to your Beta…