R2880 k7 printing


i use a epson R 2880,my work is too dark, i don’t know to change it, with the 2880 k7 or k6, with the quad2880, it is little better, can you help me,

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I will ask one more time because you have not confirmed this, did you review the Quickstart guide videos here? Learn Piezography & Technical Support | Piezography

The correct piezography curves are part of the Community Edition download (as documented in the Quickstart guide). All you need to get started is in that guide.

Please confirm that you have at least looked at the guide, downloaded the community edition, and installed the correct software and updated piezography curves.

After installing the community edition there is also a full manual inside of >Piezography>Documentation as referenced by the readme pdf in the installation.

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i am french the manuel, is very difficult to reas fot me, are they a simple way to use it

I suggest you sit down with a friend who is fluent in English so you can review the quickstart video together. This is all you need to do.

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I use PiezoDN, but what is the best PiezoDN d1, d2 or pro ?

I think you have the K7 inkset so you should use the normal curves (the curve folder that just end in -“PiezoDN”). P2 is a different inkset, and Pro is also a different inkset than what you have in your printer.