R2880 bleeding ink all over Epson exhibition fiber paper after installing right curve


Since Sunday, April 14, I have been trying to get my printer (new r2880) up and running with piezography. I was getting error messages between paper jam from the rear feeder and internal device problems (I updated the driver) and talked to Epson support before finally getting a sheet to go through. Upon printing, I noticed what looked like ghosting and smeared ink, especially on the bottom part of the image. I decided to go into full piezography maintenance mode and cleaned nozzles, pad, heads. After install, I received the same problem as before. I realize, I will most likely will have to clean the ink head again. FYI: I am printing using the front manual feed tray. the rear feed tray will not talk exhibition fiber. Thanks for any help.


Hi Anthony~

Is this “ghosting and smeared ink” within the top and/or bottom edges of the paper? If so, please print so there is a minimum of 1" top and bottom margins for the best quality print using a desktop printer model with QTR.

Please let me know if this solves your problems, you have questions or there’s anything else I can help you with.
Best regards~ Dana :slight_smile:


Thanks for the suggestion, but the smearing is still there. If it helps any, the photograph is doubled throughout and smeared on one side more than any other. Thanks for your continued assistance.


That sounds like an alignment or mechanical issue. Can you post a photo so I can see what you’re explaining?

Thanks- Dana


I don’t know what the problem is, but I can’t post a photograph. I’ve made sure the photograph didn’t exceed the file size limit. Thanks for any help


Are you using the Basic Uploader?


Yes, I’m using the basic loader.


I got it. Here is the photograph as it comes out of the printer. The smear and doubling is on the right as it comes out. Thanks, again, for any help.


bigger photograph


Hi Anythony- I can not open your “attachment 99”, and from what I can see from the tiny attachment above, it looks like you are experiencing serious overspray, which is a mechanical printer issue.
What inks/carts did you have installed in this printer prior to installing the refill carts and Piezography inks?
Did you print with the previously installed inks to verify all nozzles were printing and the printer was in good working condition before installing the Piezography carts?
You mentioned paper feed issues- paper jams or hard hits to the print head can knock it off alignment and cause the ghosting issue you’re experiencing. Have you tried realigning your printer to the paper thickness you’re printing on?
Please watch our desktop printer maintenance video, which you can find on the Articles> Product Manuals and Instruction section of this forum, along with written procedures for cleaning the capping station and bottom of the print head. In this video, we demonstrate these and several other helpful cleaning procedures, including the rear paper feed area. Some printers have more difficulty feeding paper than others, but keeping the machine clean is very important for proper function. If after cleaning the paper feed area and 1/2 circle rubber foot, your printer still doesn’t take a sheet of Epson exhibition Fiber on it’s own- then you can help it by pushing the paper feed button and gently pushing the paper down by holding onto the sides of the sheet.
Your problem sounds to be alignment and/or paper feed related.

I hope this helps, keep me posted- Dana :slight_smile:


How would I go about realignment? This is a brand new printer and there were no other inks before the piezography inks.


It is important to test the function/condition of a printer with Epson inks prior to installing any third-party inks, no mater the age of the printer (this is clearly stated in the beginning of the refill cartridge instructions).
Please install the set of Epson carts, do 1-3 cleaning cycles, then preform a nozzle check and alignment as per the printer manual.