R280 issue

This concerns my Epson R280 Stylus. I replaced the Epson ink cartridges for the InkThrift CL two part ones. In between, I did a PiezoFlush, as I had several clogged nozzles (printer had been sitting unused).

Now, I’m being told to replace all six ink cartridges by the Printer Utility. Nothing else is allowed.

I attempted to upload a screen shot of my Printer Utility window, but it wouldn’t work.

I’ve turned the printer off and on again, reseated the cartridges, restarted my Mac, etc. Nothing seems to change. It’s demanding new cartridges.

Help me please!

My printer just died. It will not power on now.

This is very strange…
Did the printer sit with Epson carts installed, other carts, or no carts?
When you flushed the head, did you place a folded paper towel under the head?
If so, did you move the head over a different section of paper towel, to avoid over-saturation?
After flushing the head, was there PiezoFlush in the cartridge chamber?
Based on your order history, you should have received “77” cartridges. Please check that your printer uses “77” cartridges.

Hi Dana,

Sorry, I’ve been down with the flu for several days, so this fell by the wayside.

Yes, the printer sat with Epson cartridges for about 8 months.
Yes, I placed a paper towel under the head, several in fact, as I didn’t want to oversaturate them (I changed them out… 3 in all).
I don’t know if any PiezoFlush remained in the cartridge chamber… I assume that some did, as isn’t it normal for some ink to be there when changing cartridges?
Yes, my printer takes 77 cartridges… also, I ordered based on your website specifying these particular cartridges for my printer.

Now, some questions for you:
Have you certified these cartridges with the Epson Stylus Photo R280 printer by actually testing them in one or more of them?
Has this ever happened to anyone else?
Is this covered under any warranty? (My printer is dead, dead, dead.)
If I can’t repair it (printer), can I get a refund? (I’m on Social Security and this was a chunk of my monthly income.)

Thanks for your help.

Hi Johnny~

I’m sorry to hear you’ve been sick, and hope you’re feeling better!

Thanks for the additional information. Yes the “77” carts are correct for your printer model.

From your explanation, I don’t see anything obviously wrong, so it’s very strange that your printer didn’t accept the carts, and now won’t power on… unless you possibly flooded the head chamber or electrical components somehow with the head cleaning kit. Over the years of selling the print head cleaning kit, we’ve helped hundreds of customers clean and revive their clogged print heads, but a few people have either applied too much pressure, or didn’t have a tight seal between the head point and cleaning cart, causing excessive fluid to flood the head and electrical components, but this is very rare, and in my experience, only happens if the cleaning kit isn’t used as instructed.

I will discuss your situation and request with my boss to determine what we may be able to do to help in this situation.
Best~ Dana

Hi Dana,

I really don’t think that I flooded anything, as I was very, very careful to follow the instructions to the letter. (My background is in applied technology, specifically aerospace and defense, where I amassed many, many hours of hands-on experience delving into the guts of some very sophisticated systems. So, I’m very proficient with respect to electronics in general, and computers in specific.)

Can you please find out if these cartridges were actually tested and certified in the R280, vs. being “soft-certified” by matching specs in a spreadsheet or other app.? Do you know of any successful installations of them on R280s?

Failing a repair of my printer, which Epson desktop would you recommend for someone on a tight budget?

Thanks for looking into this.


Hi Johnny~

I appreciate your background, and attention to detail. If you carefully followed our instructions, and didn’t use excessive pressure, or flood the print head, then there’s no obvious error that would have caused your printer failure, and it may be a total coincidence.

We tested this model cart in an Epson R260, but not the R280 model. Since the two models use the same carts, we tested the cartridge function in the R260, and after good results, felt the cartridge model works well, and expect the same results in all printer models that use these carts.

What is the maximum size paper that you want/need to print on? What type of work do you print- photography or prints that you sell, and need good longevity, or short term graphics that don’t need to last a long time?

Please let me know your printing needs, and I will suggest a printer for you.
Best regards and happy New Year~ Dana :slight_smile: