R2400 with Claria CL and LLK and LK from INKTHRIFT PRO



I have both an Epson 1400 and a R2400. I am using the Inkthrift ClariaCl inkset in the 1400 and was just wondering, what if I used the same inkset in the R2400 and put LLK and LK from INKTHRIFT PRO inkset in to make up the 8 ink set, how would the INKTHRIFT PRO dye ink alter the characteristics, especially longevity? I ask this because I am almost coming to the end of my supply of pigment ink for the R2400 and need to decide on whether to bother with another supply of pigment ink ( and all the head clogs I seem to get and waste ink clearing), or switch over to INKTHRIFT PRO dye ink, or since I already am using the INKTHRIFT CLARIA CL ink in my 1400 use this ink alongside the other 2 black inks from the INKTHRIFT PRO range. Printing is just a hobby for me I don’t sell prints so the dye ink has a lot going for it. Look forward to comments from this forum.


There are differences in all colors, it’s not just a matter of using a “cyan” ink in the cyan chamber, but the correct one to color match your printer model. To get correct color using inks not designed for the printer you’re using, you will need to use color profiles for your specific printer model, ink combination, and paper- otherwise your color will be off. It’s best to use a full set of InkThrift Pro inks for the R2400 printer, which are color matched to that printer model. If you don’t care at all about color (which I doubt, since you’re asking about longevity), then you can certainly try using InkThrift CL in your R2400 printer, but we don’t know what your results will look like, nor support this ink/printer combination.

I hope this helps.
best regards~ Dana