R220 Not recognizing re-set carts

Filled and re-set carts for r220 - will not recognize the carts, any of them, did the disconnect. un-plug, thing several times - along with pulling the carts and resetting the chips - they all flash a happy green - also uninstalled/reinstalled printer -Windows 7/local printer - any suggestions?

Are these cartridges you have been using since 2005? The only history I see for these cartridges in your history is from 2005, indicating they are 10+ years old. We no longer sell these cartridges for the R2200 or chips for replacements, I am sorry to say if your cartridges have simply given up hope, then there is nothing we can do to support them any longer.

Did anything change, such as a driver update or OS update? You’ve been using these carts, in this 2200 on your WIN7 for a while, then after resetting they are no longer recognized? I would guess they have given up the will to survive after 10+ years of use.

There have been reports of people updating the printer firmware (i.e. not just the driver on the computer) and experiencing the printer not accepting refillable carts. Often this update happens silently when you agree to install Epson s/w that promises to keep everything up-to-date. This has mostly been on the 1430. It occurred to me as a possibility when I read Berel’s initial post.