R2000 vs. P400?

I may replace my often clogged R2000/OEM color.

You can still get an R2000 new at about $1000. It was replaced by the P400 which costs about $500. Why? It is almost identical. Same inks, but 14ml carts on the P400 vs. 17ml on the 2000. That’s about it.

Any thoughts?

P400 is way better head than the R2000. I have no idea why an R2000 would go for that much.

P400 is a great little printer IMO.


Walker - in a couple of threads today you’ve been talking up the P400 over the R2000. I’d like to have a better understanding of why. Is it just the print head? Is the head really that much better?

I think it is. They have updated the internal filters (larger) and have the head surface has better TFT coating (I think). In general I believe the P400 is much better ink flow than R2000. There are a lot of caveats to that though because the R2000s are older so my general sense may be skewed because people just have old clogged R2000s they are dealing with. I get a ton of private emails/messages/txts/fb-chats/etc asking for me to look at this nozzle check or that. In general the P400 has not been and issue and the R2000 has (regardless of cartridge OEM or non).


Interesting. Thanks for that. I ask because I have an R2000 that I bought on run-out as a precaution against the day that my R1900 died, or at least got too cantankerous with refillables. That day seems like it’s just about here, and I’m a little apprehensive about whether the R2000, currently with flush in it and still awaiting its first ink, is going to be as trouble free as the R1900 was for most of its life. Especially after the trouble that @Jeffg53 had with his R2000.

My impression (admittedly from a small sample) is that they seem more troublesome with refillables than most other Epson desktop printers. In that sense I’m concerned that they’re a little like the R2400, which I found to be and often read to be particularly troublesome with refillables. I guess a P400 is an option, if it really is a better printer for refillables.

I suspect that many of those nozzle checks that you’re being asked to comment on are air in the system rather than clogs, caused by cartridge compatibility issues.