R2000 Refillable and OEM Cartridge Issue

I purchased the refillable cartridges so I could fill them with PiezoFlush and clean out the head. Ran a few nozzle cleanings but when I went back and put my Epson cartridges back in they all came up as out of ink. I tried resetting the chips on the Epson cartridges, unsure if that’s even possible but it didn’t work. Any ideas or am I out as far as those OEM cartridges?

Hmm . . . take them out, place the refillable in, and this time place just one OEM back in. If this works, do the rest. Make sure they are locked.

This is a new error I have not seen on this printer yet . . .


That didn’t work. its weird, the cartridges were only in to do a nozzle check and than pulled out to do the cleaning. These are full cartridges. Is there a way to reset an OEM chip?

Put in new OEM cartridges and all the ink refill lights are on. Does inserting the refill carts do something to the printer that I need to reset the printer?