R2000 playing dead, I will try to dead-cat-bounce it

Apparently, when an R2000 thinks its waste ink tank is used up, it simply reports on its demise to the user and stops working. ‘Buy a new printer, you know you want to…’ I found a utility referenced online to make it forget it is dead and return to working. I will be trying that this week. Wish me luck.

Does anyone have any experience with this process that might help me?

This R2000 was gotten free barely-used and massively clogged and has not seen heavy use, as it usually takes me a few days to get it printing well after a short ‘good run’ that devolves into mega-clogging. I wanted to get P400–almost identical–which Walker said is much less clog-prone, but they really aren’t available. I like the ink set with red and orange. Epson has not done new machines with the warm colors. Now, violet.

I’m hoping to get enough life out of this cursed R2000 to print some Edition sets of art with a lot of reds, then find a replacement for color.

You need to do two things. (i) buy a reset key to reset the waste ink counter using the WIC Reset utility. (ii) install a waste ink tank to catch the waste ink that would otherwise flow into the now nearly full waste ink pads. I assume IJM still sell these tanks, which prevents me from mentioning my preferred brand / supplier.

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Thank you, Brian, and IJM for the link to the reset utility.

Step 1 worked perfectly and the cat, declared dead by Epson, did in fact bounce and is looking good. I was able to resume printing.

I will be looking into the waste pad bypass next.