R2000 new cart filling and subsequent problems

My R2000 was purchased in late August 2015, and has seen light usage since then. It has only had Piezography inks other than a couple of times resolving issues. I recently decided to use the new style IJM carts with Selenium inks. I have used two sets of carts. On the first, six of the eight show that ink has reached the foam in the inlet vent. I had so many issues with banding that I abandoned this first set.

On loading the second set, I ended up with three carts showing signs of ink in the air inlet foam. Again, I was having banding issues and was unable to keep a good nozzle check from one day to the next. After discussion with Walker, I now understand that ink in the inlet is the cause of my problems. On the carts that I am now using, Y, PK and C all show signs of ink in the air inlet foam . The PK and C cart have responded to priming and are working well, although the C needed a couple of purges after being left for a week.

I currently have flush in an old cart in the Y slot. At this point I can print reliably on matte as the Y cart is Shade 1 gloss. Why some carts get ink in the air inlet foam, and others don’t is something that I want to understand before I load any more carts. I’m hoping that I am not alone, and that others have had similar problems. Why some carts have the problem, and others don’t when they are all loaded by the same person is a mystery.

I welcome any feedback on these carts and any tips on how to fill them without getting ink into the air inlet and foam.

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No one had this problem?