R2000 cleaning after ink change



Is there anyway to prevent the R2000 from automatically performing a head clean after changing ink? Normally this shouldn’t be an issue because I usually need to do a head clean after swapping inks. However, every once in awhile, a cartridge isn’t recognized, so I press the ink button, wiggle the cartridge as little, close the lid, press the ink button to return the cart, then the printer goes into a head cycle. My head goes into a spin cycle when I see all the ink being wasted. (I’m sure Brian has this one figured out, he’s a master of ink frugalness!)



Nope, not me. If the printer senses that a cart has been removed and reinserted, then you’ll almost always get a head clean, and effectively that’s what’s happening when you wiggle the cart. Once in a while you may get lucky, but it’s not something that you can control, in my experience. Moreover, with the battery chips, there’s a chance that they’ll reset when you wiggle them. My only suggestion would be to do what owners of LF printers often have to do, which is to pad the carts that have this problem.

Correction - there is a way to wiggle without a head clean for the left-most six carts, and that is to do it when the printer is off. I haven’t tried this with an R2000 but I think it should work. The catch is that you have to remove the cover to the cartridge bay, which is something that I always do, but you may not wish to. With this cover off, you can access six of the eight carts with the printer turned off.


Thanks Brian,

I’m assuming you had to remove the top of the case to remove the cartridge bay cover. The only advantage I can see to removing this cover is to make refilling easier. This isn’t an issue for me just yet.

I tried the InkOwl carts for the K7-Sel again. These are ARC chips with no battery. I read that these carts sometimes need vacuum priming, so I tried this and I got a perfect nozzle check. Therefore, my flow issues could have been due to an air lock instead. Just for fun, when I switch back to piezoflush carts, I’ll vacuum prime the Inkowl piezoflush carts and see if that makes a difference.



Why not do the trick of pulling the power when the head is moving during startup? You can then slide the head so that you can remove the carts.


Thanks Jeff,

I actually was wondering about that. I kind of assumed it would go through a head clean anyway so I didn’t try it yet. I’ll try this next time.

Now here’s a BIG advantage to resettable chips: as I said before, my Inkowl carts are ARC and reset only when empty. This is like the new R3000 chips. TWICE today, one of my Inkowl carts displayed empty halfway through a print. This absolutely requires me to remove and replace the cart to reset it. This, in turn, causes a head clean. If I was using the IJM resettable carts, I’d be able to reset them as soon as I top them off.



I am fairly sure that pulling the plug will get you a head clean when you replug. I’ve had a small amount of success in putting the head back in exactly the same position as it was when I pulled the plug, i.e. in the ink exchange position, but that little trick only occasionally works, and less so on some desktop printers than others. Reset-able chips are wonderful.