R2000 and R3000 K7 support

I have just been looking at the supported printers in the supplied QTR libraries and neither the R2000 or R3000 is there. Are they available and what papers are profiled? Is one as good as the other for piezography as they are very close in price here, at the moment?

Well, I have R2000-K7 & R3000-K7 on my Windows install of QTR 2.7.5. Perhaps they’re not present on the Mac?

The R2000 uses the same Piezography curves as the R1900-K7. We haven’t had much demand for the R2000 printer, so haven’t needed to make a R2000-K7 folder and install command.
The R3000 is a great printer model, though is a desktop “pro” model, with internal ink lines and dampers, so is only a good printer to get if you plan to print regularly (or flush the internal ink lines if the printer will sit unused for four weeks or longer). The R2000 has good print quality, and is easy to flush/store if you don’t print regularly. The R3000 curve list is the same as the R2400, and R2000 curve list is the same as the R1900.

I hope this helps.
Best~ Dana

What confused me is that on my Windows install there are R2000-K7 & R3000-K7 folders in the latest install of QTR 2.7.5. I’m not a Mac user, but I managed to look at an older Mac and installed QTR on it and I couldn’t see these folders. Why is Roy Harrington not including these duplicates in the Mac install? It would avoid confusion, and he does it for Windows.

In your view Dana, are there any print quality benefits in the R3000 over the R2000, from a purely piezo perspective, i.e. leaving cartridge sizes and ink line flushing and other practicalities aside?

and another question, if I may. Jon told me to use the 3800 files for Gloss on the R2400. Is that the same for the R2000?

I think you’d use the R1900 GO curves on the R2000, but Dana will confirm.

I’m not sure why Roy added the R3000 and R2000 to the 2.7.5 Windows update, but not Mac…
The R2000 uses the same curves as the R1900, but you can not use the 3800/3880 curves with the R2000.
Only K3 model printers (such as the R2400, R2880, R3000, 4800, 4880, 7800/9800, 7880/9880 and 7890/9890) can use the 3800/3880 glossy curves.

Both the R3000 and R2000 produce beautifully smooth Piezography output, due to the tightened dot pattern used by QTR.

Warmly~ Dana

This is a bit confusing. If you look at my post on this subject on the 13" Maintenance forum, you’ll see that Jon told me that the R3000 uses the same curves as the R2880. Above, Dana suggests the curves for the 2400.

It would be useful if IJM would clarify this issue for R3000 users such as myself. Or is the best way forward to have custom curves constructed?



Yes, the R3000 is a K3 model printer, so can use the same curves as the 3800/3880, R2400 and R2880. The R2400, R2880 and R3000 curves are identical to each other. 3800/3880 curves have a lower ink limit, which gives them better gloss compatibility.

I hope this helps.
Best regards~ Dana

You supply Roy with the K7 curves that he packages with QTR and are in occasional contact with him, so perhaps you could suggest that he does? I’m not a Mac user, so it doesn’t worry me, but Jeff is. It’s going to make like simpler and less confusing for Mac users, and also for those of us Windows users who try to support and advise Mac users.