R2000 and new carts give banding on 5 channels

I have just installed a set of the new IJM carts in my R2000. Prior to the installation, I was getting good nozzle checks on flush. I had to prime the Y cart to get it running, I have done a couple of head cleans but I am getting erratic behaviour where the nozzle check is good but bad a couple of hours lately on the Y cart.

This morning, I got a good nozzle check and then decided to run a purge pattern at 720. This showed the 5 darkest carts with some banding. Do I continue with head cleans or what? Prior to this I have been using other carts that did not produce banding.

I have seen zero nozzle problems with these new carts (multiple sets so far). You tapped the carts before insert?


Yes, and primed the worst later, and ran multiple head cleans.

I’m away for a while. I’ll prime them all when I get back.

I have been away and left the R2000 printer with flush carts in. When I got back, I checked that it was all good with flush and then primed and loaded my new IJM carts. After a couple of cleans, I had a good nozzle check and purge pattern with no banding. I then printed an A4 page and left it overnight.

This morning the nozzle check shows about a dozen missing segments in the PK cart. After running a purge pattern, it now looks good again. Is this what I should be expecting? It’s certainly not what I hoped for when I bought the new carts.

It isn’t the carts as you are getting good flow (good nozzles after 1 clean). Most likely there is a problem with the capping station not covering (air sealing) the head and the nozzles are simply drying because they are exposed.


So I should clean the capping station seals? There’s been so much flush through thing lately that it positively gleams. I have not specifically wiped the seals so that may help.

I doubt it’s a cleanliness issue. More likely aged rubber which is letting air in. It happens.

Keep your humidity at or above 50% at all times and you should be good.


Thanks Walker. Living 400 metres from the Pacific means that humidity is ever present so that’s not an issue. The printer is only a couple of years old but I have no idea how long it had been in the store.

I have had the same issue with the original IJM carts. They are fine for a while and then start with a few missing bits which deteriorates till a head clean is needed to recover it.

I’ve cleaned around the seal, and will report back in a few days.

This isn’t getting any better. Since my last post, K was the one that would start getting missing segments which could be fixed by a purge pattern or two. Then the M cart decided to join the party. Initially, it was only a couple of segments, now about half of it is printing dark and still has one missing segment. This is after printing a purge pattern yet again.

If I were to have the capping station replaced, do you believe that I would then
have a reliable setup or is there some magic or luck required?

This morning, the M cart is playing up. A nozzle check showed one missing segment. A purge pattern shows serious banding, and a second clears it. Now I have a good nozzle check.
I’m rapidly reaching my tolerance level. All I want is a printer that doesn’t surprise me on a daily basis. If you believe that replacing the capping station is the answer, I’m happy to do it.

Today’s nozzle check shows Y and PK both missing a few segments.

Continuing on the thought that it is the capping station, if I were to put the Epson carts back in, then the same result should happen, should it not?

I think you should put epson carts back in and see what happens. There are a LOT of variables at play.

From your initial observations you only saw nozzles go after a night or two of sitting which indicates air getting on the print-head during sit. But if nozzles are going out during printing this indicates other stuff including carts, inlet spike holes (they get dunked), internal head filters, etc.


Thanks Walker. The only issue that I have seen is when the printer sits unused. I have seen no issues while printing. I’ll put the Epson carts in and see what happens.

After 3 days, I am still getting good nozzle checks with the Epson inks in. I’m now away for three days so I’ll turn it off and report back next week.

Ok, I’m back home, the printer is back on and the nozzle check is good. What next?

I’m private messaging you details.