R1900 carts - changes to filling instructions

Greetings. I’ve just received a new batch of carts for my R1900. My old ones were rather old and I suspect starting to cause problems. I can see that the new ones are quite different to the old. Before I start to use them (with fresh inks as well), can I clarify the filling instructions?

On the first fill, the instructions for the old ones (date 2/4/2010) say to use the VAC method. That is, put the syringe tip without the drawing-up needle into the filling hole and pull the syringe up etc. I’m sure you know the drill. The new instructions (dated 8/14/12) for the new carts say to inject the ink into the fill hole using the drawing-up needle, with no mention of VAC. I just wanted to double-check that the VAC is not needed. I’ve made the mistake in the past of not using it when I needed to and you know the problems this causes. Assuming it’s not needed with the new ones, would it do any harm?

For refills, the new instructions say to leave the vent hole open when refilling. This surprises me, as it runs counter to my experience with carts from a range of sources and is quite different to the older 2010 instructions, which say to plug it. Why the change and what would happen if the vent hole was not open during refilling?

Thanks in advance for your advice.

Hi Brian~

Our new/current R1900 refill cartridges don’t need to be vacuum filled- please follow the instructions that came with the new set of carts, though it won’t hurt if you vacuum them- it’s not necessary as it was with the previous model carts. The current instructions were modified for the current cartridge design, so please read and follow them.

I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have questions or there’s anything else I can help you with.
Best regards~ Dana :slight_smile:

Thanks. I guess my questions sounded like I was doubting the carefully drafted instructions, but I was really just wanting to understand. The VAC or no-VAC thing is just cartridge design, as you say, although I’ve often been puzzled why some carts need it on the first fill and some don’t. Also, I was a little confused by some posts on this forum that were still talking about the VAC method in July this year (apeterson re 2400) which is well after the date on the instructions that came with my carts, so I though that there was no harm in double-checking.

The point that did really puzzle me was leaving the vent hole open when refilling. Perhaps it’s just the same answer - it’s the cartridge design, but this is one aspect of refilling that causes me some grief - with carts from other suppliers on other printers. I have some carts (NOT yours) that no matter what I do, after refilling I get some ink dribble from them initially. My limited understanding is that this has something to do with back-pressure in the vent passage, but I haven’t found a way to prevent it. Thus the change in this aspect of your instructions intrigued me, and I’d really like to understand the reason for this change if possible, as it may help me to solve my problems with these third-party carts. (BTW, Do you still sell carts for the 2100/2200?)


Hi Brian~

Let me clarify the different cartridge designs and filling procedures for you: some cartridges, such as the R2400 and R1800, as well as the older model 1400/1430, R1900, R2880, have/had an exit chamber that draws ink from the main cartridge body and leads to the exit valve. The cartridges with the circular shaped exit chamber must be vacuum filled in order to get ink into the exit chamber, which is necessary for proper ink flow and function of the cartridge. The newer style 1400/1430, R1900, R2880 carts have a different “exit chamber” that is positioned at the bottom/front area of the cartridge, and has several openings that allow ink to flow freely from the main cartridge body, so ink can simply be injected into the cartridge using the syringe and blunt-tip filling needle. If you find it easier- you can vacuum fill the new model carts, by plugging the air vent hole and drawing a vacuum as per the previous model’s instructions, but it’s not necessary with this model. Though, it IS still necessary for the R2400 and R1800/800 model carts (which are bottom vacuum filled)

As per the instructions, you should fill/refill a cartridge with ink (air vent open or closed- it doesn’t matter), then plug the fill hole, tap the cart exit valve down a few times on a folded paper towel to force ink down/air up, open the air vent holes, then install the cart into the printer and let it sit for a few minutes before doing cleaning cycles or printing nozzle checks.

No, we no longer sell carts for the 2100/2200 model printer.

I hope this helps clarify the reasoning behind our different cartridge models and their specific instructions.
Best regards and happy printing~ Dana :slight_smile:

Thanks, that’s helpful Dana.

The fact that I can refill with the air vent either open or closed doesn’t give me any clues re my other non-IJM carts. Is that also true for the older IJM carts, i.e. does the refill hole really need to be plugged, as per the older 2010 instructions, or are they forgiving as well, in your experience?

Our older or vacuum filled carts, MUST have the air vent hole plugged in order to draw a vacuum. I can’t help with carts other than our own.

~Dana :slight_smile: