R-3000 new carts not resetting/showing near empty


I just refilled the carts on my R3000 and restarted the printer. All carts are being recognized but are showing near empty. Should this be the case? I recently replaced the chips in the carts with the newer non battery type and thought that I did not have to reset them. They showed full when I originally installed them but they are showing near empty now after refilling. I have received no low ink warning and I don’t really care if they do not show level but I don’t want to deal with low ink warnings.

Thanks for any assistance.


Epson cartridges (of any style even if they are from Epson) do not have ink level sensors. The printers sends signals to the chips that lowers the “ink level” as reported by the chip every time the print-head sends out ink.

Because these are auto-reset chips, the only way to reset them is to print until a chip goes empty and pauses the printer. At this point you take the cartridge out, top it off, and put it back in and continue printing. After doing the out-and-back-in procedure, the chip will have reset. This is in the instructions tab of the product at shop.inkjetmall.com.



So, I assume that reset does not happen when I refill when the carts are , say, 25% rather than out of ink. Can I just keep refilling and using rather than letting the carts actually run dry? I usually top them all off when 1 or 2 are low.

Thanks, John


Yes, I suggest always topping up no-matter the level reported by the chips.