Quirky key behavior

Hi Dana and Jon, FYI I have seen some quirky behavior from the ink thrift CL keys (cool system, BTW) for my 1430. I have resolved the issues, but expect to see more down the line. Before tonight, I had seen only a few quickly-resolved anomalies, but here’s what happened tonight:

  1. After nozzle check (skippy Black and LC) and cleaning cycle, Light Cyan indicated out (it was around 20% full)
  2. After LC cart swap and nozzle check (Black skips) and 2 cleaning cycles, Yellow indicated out (it was still over half full; this was second time it has pulled a “me too”— though only 1/2 empty— shortly after changing a different cartridge)
  3. After replacing yellow cartridge insert, Light Cyan, Magenta, and Cyan lights are on, “Ink Cartridges cannot be recognized”
  4. After power off/15sec/on, no change.
  5. Removed all carts, powered off and unplugged USB, waited 30min
  6. Replugged and turned on printer, replaced carts (recognized). :slight_smile:
  7. Nozzle check still shows black gaps and misdirections.
  8. Cleaned head with piezoflush and folded paper towel per IJM procedure. Head was pretty gunky (printer interior is otherwise pristine).
  9. Nozzle check: black still skipping.
  10. Removed black cart (low, not dry) and replaced with new InkThrift-CL black cart.
  11. Nozzle check: black still skipping.
  12. After another cleaning cycle, black ink indicated as out.
  13. Remove and reinsert black cart.
  14. Black light is off but Y, LM, M lights are on, “The installed ink cartridge is incompatible with this printer.”
  15. Removed and reinstalled Y, LM, M. Lights off! :slight_smile:
  16. Nozzle check: GOOD! Printed 3 documents just fine. All ink level readings appear to be correct.

No response needed at this time unless you have a suggestion or question. Just thought you would want to know for future reference. Cheers! -Don

Notes: >all operations performed while wearing a wrist ground strap.
>I have only seen erroneous key status issues right after a cartridge replacement event prompted by a low ink warning.

Hi Don~

Thanks for the detailed feedback, this IS very strange behavior!

I reviewed your order history, and see you bought one set of keys with three sets of pre-filled capsules, and a chip resetter a few months ago.
At any point did you try resetting the key chips?
Do the keys/capsules fit well in your printer’s cartridge carriage, and snap firmly in place?

Please keep me posted, thanks~ Dana