Quick Question about flushing 1 line on Epson 7900

I’m new here. We have a Epson 7900. Cyan is not printing completely in the Nozzle check, after a few cleans and Power cleans. All other channels look great. Bought a Cyan Piezoflush. I have removed the Cyan cartridge and replaced with a Cleaning Cartridge full of Piezoflush. Do I simply keep doing cleans and nozzle checks until I see the Cyan turn to Piezoflush Pink?

So, this is a common question/problem with this model. I would say that generally speaking when an entire channel goes on the 7900 (at this point into this relatively old printer model) this particular printer has a failed channel, not a clog. If you do a few power cleanings on that channel pair (VM and C) and mark the level of the piezoflush cartridge before (with a sharpie) and if that level goes down you know that fluid is getting through the head during the clean. If there is no nozzles printing still than this means the nozzles are delaminated and that channel is not recoverable. If NO ink is getting through on the cyan (but gettin through on the VM) than you know that there is an air block or possible pigment block somewhere. But even then, if the entire channel is blocked, sucking PiezoFlush from behind the block is not going to work and you will need to channel the dampers first.

Shortened version: test if fluid is getting through, if so than it’s dead, if not then change the dampers and possible cleaning assembly and run a few more cleanings.