Question re Cut Sheet Size

I am planning on using an Epson 4880 to print a 40"H x 9" wide image on JonCone Type 5 roll paper using a K7 Photo Black ink set. The print will be cut off the roll after printing.

My question has to do with applying the GO after the print has dried. Will I be able to feed that long a print into the printer and have it apply the GO properly? If so, should I use the top manual feed slot or the front one? Also, should I set up a custom paper size just for that? Any other suggestions for things I might be missing?

Thanks in advance for the help!

The 4880 is not a good GO printer for long roll prints like this as it bends the paper AGAINST rollers.

I suggest hand-spraying the print w/ Hahnemuhle Archival Spray (it will do the same thing as GO) over a screen for an image only 9" wide and that long. This will save you much grief and much time expense and effort.