Question on streaks

I am using a 4880 for color printing and have recent problem with streaks on the top and bottom and the last print had black blobs of ink. I did a power clean and also cleaned the print head with eye dropper technique and soak it up with paper towels. Are there another recommendations to fix this problem. Thanks for any advice
Carl Quedenfeld

check your flush box and wiper blade. Most likely they are both very dirty.


Sorry for my ignorance but is the flush box the maintenance tank ? Not sure what the wiper blade is. I have been putting eye drops of windex on the one pad that the printer head goes over and soaking it up with a paper towel. The problem seems to stop with a power clean after doing the windex trick but then a second print the streaks appear again. Thank you for your help !

There is a lot of information here: How to Clean Printheads

There is not a video specifically for the 4880, but since it is a bit like the 3880 and a bit like the 7880, I would suggest watching both of those. You’ll figure it out. I had a 4880 for a short time, though it was a few years ago, and I don’t remember much, but cleaning it was not too difficult.

If you need the Service Manual and Field Repair Guide, I’ll be happy to put them up on Dropbox for you to download.