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I’m getting ready to purchase inks and carts for a 7890. I have been using a set on my P600 with good results, but I have observed that the MK will rapidly cause nozzle clogging if left unattended. Resolved by switching to print matte (canvas, mostly), and then switching back tp PK when the job is done.
I’m wondering if the new “Enhanced” MK would be any better in this regard. I don’t really do all that much matte, and will stick with the less expensive ink otherwise.

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We’ve had zero clog issues with our UltraHD MK ink. It clogs less than OEM in our observance.

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Hi Walker

OK; we’ll give it a try, then. Order placed just now.
I’m new to this 7890. It had been sitting for a while with OEM inks installed before I acquired it, and all of the colors had missing segments in the nozzle check pattern. That said, it is a clean, low-mileage unit, with only ~400 pages on the counter. I have the inks working to my satisfaction now, but I am experiencing a strange issue. I have been using up the tail end of a 17in roll of matte (I guess) paper that came with it, printing some panoramic images, mostly to get the ink moving. The output looks fine, except right at the end it looks like the ink supply is being cut off. As the printer appears to be working well otherwise, and I haven’t seen this problem on the couple of cut-sheets I have run thru it, I suspect that I am not dialing up the correct roll paper settings in the print dialog box. Darned if I can figure out what, tho.
About the only thing I can point a finger at is that the cut sheets were 13 x 19, with correspondingly sized images, while the panos shown in the attachment were ~13 x 26 and 13 x 30 inches.
From looking thru your forum, you guys seem to have a lot of experience with these large printers, and I’m hoping you can say: “Yeah, dummy, ya gotta set A, B, and C to X, Y, and Z”. But any thoughts appreciated.
Oh, also: Since this machine has well-expired (2012, 2013) OEM inks installed, would it be beneficial to run an “initial fill” cycle after installing the new Conecolor inks, or would it be best to just keep printing and let the natural order of things take its course? Do you happen to know how much ink is involved in the initial fill?


TIA! Steve

It could be worth it to flush this with PiezoFlush if inks have been thickening in the dampers for so long that you are get starvation at the end of prints. The dampers are normally replaced every few yrs on these machines. PiezoFlush will clear that though . . . but do that after initial filling CCPRO and only if you still have starvation. The InitFill with CCPRO will also clear a lot of that stuff.


Hi Walker
Well, that seems likely, 'cause I looked at those prints again, and I noticed the amount of the image that actually printed was about 26 inches on both of 'em. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that it cleans up with the init on fresh ink.
But I looked at your piezoflush kit anyway. $470 . . . my wallet is getting awfully skinny with this project. :stuck_out_tongue: I wonder if the same effect could be achieved with one of the 700ml refillable carts, a set of the various chips to give it an ID, and a 700ml bottle of flush. (And probably a spare waste ink tank.)
Then one channel at a time from the “Service” control panel in the “Cleaning/ ServicemanCL” menu? The service manual I found on-line would seem to suggest this as a possibility:
Screen Shot 2020-07-25 at 16.16.09
Where would one go to find out exactly what function these various menus are intended to perform, any idea?
Or, as a last resort, I have a set of jpegs that are a solid color with values to match the various inks, for purging the works from the “print” command (and using up paper). I know for sure that the VLM one, at least, does just that.
Sorry for using up your time with this; I’m a long-time (now retired) geek, and I prefer to personally handle servicing the tools I use whenever possible.

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Flush can be diluted with distilled water but it will be less effective. We put a lot of work into formulation of PF . . .

1gal of PF is cheapest/mL and last a long time. You can clean the refill carts with distilled if you want to use one set for ink/flush. Just be uber careful to get all flush out.

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