Question about switching to the new HD Photo Black Ink Epson 7890


I have an Epson 7890. I have been buying most of my supplies from InkjetMall for quite a while and trust you guys.

I purchased some Canson Baryta and a bottle of the new HD Photo Black. Took my old PK cartridge out and replaced it with a Cone cartridge with the new ink. My question is: Can I run a few control panel sequences of switching from MK to PK and back again as a way of clearing out the old black so I can immediately experience the new ink? In other words, get the new PK into the ink lines without having to do an init. fill sequence and losing a ton of all colors? If this would work, how many times do you think I should run the MK to PK to MK to PK cycle to flush the line? Is there any stress that’s put on the print head from this procedure?

Thanks for the support,

I suggest popping a roll of cheap bond paper in there, downloading QuadtoneRIP (, installing it and the 7900-9900-UC printer, and printing a 36x90 inch purge sheet. There is a lot of ink in those lines and it’s not worth wasting MK as well as PK!

Instructions and purge images:

Print from Print-Tool (also available at free trial. It’s an amazing utility!)