Question about Epson Adjustment Program

Can someone please explain the function of the Epson Adjustment program to me? I was surprised when another poster on a different forum had indicated it was a requirement in order to use Piezoflush cartridges and that he had to buy it. I was also surprised when they said it was PC based only. What do Mac users do?
Am I understanding this other poster correctly? Sorry if this is somewhere on the website, I looked briefly but probably missed it.


Hi Dave~

Yes, the Adjustment Program is only PC compatible, and is necessary for SOME printer models in order to do an Initial Fill Cycle. For more information on flushing large format printers, please go here:

We do state this clearly on PiezoFlush cleaning kits for printer models that require the AP to run an Initial Fill Cycle, for example the 4900, here:

What printer model do you have?

Best regards~ Dana

Hi Dana

I just bought a 3380. I have a PC but out of curiosity, what do Mac users do?


With a 3880, you can use the Adjustment Program to do an Initial Fill, or you can also do three Power Clean Cycles thru the printer’s control panel.

Mac users will need to either borrow a PC or install Parallels and Windows on their Mac to run the Adjustment Program.

Best regards~ Dana :slight_smile:

Thanks Dana

Is there any other reason that I might want the Adjustment Program? Maybe something it does that I can’t do anywhere else or something that it maybe does better in your estimation?


Yes, the AP can be used for many advanced printer adjustments, such as alignments, inputting the head ID when you install a new print head, etc… General info about the AP can be found here: