Question about 9900 cart seal nipples - plugged or unplugged?

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When inserting the ink carts into a 9900 printer, do you need to UNplug the seal nipples that are on top of the carts? I always thought the holes we use to fill in the ink had to be sealed when operating the printer… but I read on a post something hinting at the opposite?

Another question related to these seals is: When shaking the carts (to avoid pigment settling) and in order to avoid air getting inside of the cart, is it better to unplug the seals, agitate and then plug them again, or just agitate with the seals on all the time?

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Keeps the fill plugs in! The carts have to pressurize. These are different than 4900 carts that remain unpressurized.

Plug before agitating too.


Thanks Walker. Understood, that is what I thought but was surprise to read something different on another post. I just wanted to clarify.

That means once you fill the carts, you put the plug and NEVER again you take them out, even when agitating unless it is for filling them up again, right?

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