QuadToneRIP version

On my screen the QTR application along the top states and along the bottom “version available”

I’ve Windows 10.

Clicking on the line creates the download menu for this version- I’ve followed the steps more than once now, but the application continues to show, so no update.

Any suggestion?

Thank you.

I’m sure other Win 10 users will chime in, but during my brief experience with Win 10 before I downgraded, Win 10 removed some programs it deemed incompatible. Could this be happening?

[QUOTE=LarryB;12920]Could this be happening?[/QUOTE]


[QUOTE=Hans Berkhout;12919]On my screen the QTR application along the top states and along the bottom "version available"
Any suggestion?

See this similar question and this answer from Roy Harrington, the author of QTR. Since that was written, there is now a 2.7.7. for Windows, but the same principle applies.

In Dec 2015 I asked Roy Harrington if QTR download might be a problem, I was being forced so to speak into upgrading to W10. His answer at that time was; “Win 10 works except for Curve Create but you don’t need that for Piezo as the curves already exist. So install as is (on W7 which I used at that time), install again when you upgrade to Win 10”.

Thanks Brian for the links, from which I understand that Roy had recently uploaded a fix for Windows, and that the PC version is now 2.7.7

In the meantime I still have the older version (downloading 2.7.7 still not successful) without updated/current curves, I’ll probably drag and drop the ones I’m interested in.

I certainly appreciate efforts by the experts to make things work.