Quadtone RIP Not Showing Up

I’m setting up an Epson 3880, using a Mac Pro with Yosemite (OS 10.10.5). I’ve downloaded Quadtone RIP and Print Tool, installed them in the Applications folder, and restarted the computer. The printer is loaded and ready to go. Print Tool is open, I’ve loaded a picture into it, and clicked on Print. When I click on Layout in the next window, however, the Quadtone RIP option is not visible for me to choose. What step have I missed?!

You need to download the Piezography Manual and read it. http://www.piezography.com/PiezoPress/blog/piezography-technical/the-new-piezography-manual/

(it will be edited and redesigned and updated soon fyi).

Here’s a set of updated 3880 curves (these will also be in the forthcoming update).


You need to delete whatever is in the 3800-3880-K7 folder (besides the install command), unzip this inside of that folder and then hit the install command with the printer turned on and plugged in via USB.


ps: Remember, it’s a 2-step process for gloss printing.

Is the USB interface required or Is Ethernet also supported? I setup my color 3880 with Ethernet for speed. Should the 2nd 3880 (PiezoPro) use the USB connection?

Either works. For Ethernet, you will need to know the IP address of your printer.