QTR won't run after latest Windows 10 update


A few days ago my computer ran a big Windows 10 update and something changed with QTR. The interface is different although it’s the same version, I can’t select anything with the drop down menus (like paper size, curve, media source and type, resolution, etc), The little blue Windows swirly icon/cursor thingy just keeps spinning and spinning. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling but nothing changed. I downloaded the version 2.7.7 but when I click to open the program it’s version, so perhaps that’s part of the problem. No matter how many times I install what’s called 2.7.7, all I’m getting is, although I’m pretty sure that’s the version I was using before the Windows 10 update. If I “troubleshoot compatibility” from file explorer, it says “program not compatible”, presumably because was made during the Windows 8 era.

Anyone else have this happen? Any ideas to get QTR working again?


As a sidenote, I borrowed my husband’s laptop which also has the same Windows 10 update on it (ver. 1703) and installed QTR on it and it works just fine, so my problem is somehow tied to my computer, but I can’t figure out why.


OK, after much teeth grinding I fixed it…

In case this happens to anyone else, the problem was my Epson 3880 wasn’t set as my default printer. As soon as I went to Control Panel>Devices and Printers> and made the 3880 the default, QTR changed completely back to the working version. I guess after the Windows 10 update it was unchecked as default.


Hi Julie, after updating QTR to, the Windows interface will still show Roy Harrington does not currently have a solution for this.


jerrab is correct about the issue. In separate correspondence, I referred him to these links:



There would be quite a few other posts in that group as well. It’s a pity that Roy Harrington doesn’t have a FAQ about this on his website that we could refer people to.


Thank you jerrab and Brian_S, that’s good to know!


My suggestion for anyone needing future-proof QTR on Windows is to run XP or Windows 7 in VirtualBox. This is “running windows system in windows.” This will allow you to securely run an older version of windows with just QTR installed and keep upgrading your OS forever.

It’s complicated but worth it.



Thanks Walker, I’ll look into that.



This approach works, but IMHO Mac users are more in need of it.


Perhaps I should explain this. No upgrade of Windows has ever broken QTR to the best of my knowledge. There was a glitch in the curve creator under W10 (not relevant to Piezo users), which Roy managed to fix. And users of 10 ink printers have issues, but they’re there already.

The same cannot be said of OS X. Changes to the printing pipeline, breakages, etc.


Windows QTR has no color management support and only send raw data to printer, so it’s problematic from a professional workflow standpoint where you need to network printers, print with ICCs, and be able to implement a solution without kludgy workarounds.

The simplicity of the Windows wrap of QTR does keep it much more bug-free though. It’s a trade-off.


My comment wasn’t about which is the better OS for QTR, as each has advantages and disadvantages, but rather which OS is more in need of future-proofing for continued QTR use.