QTR Purge Made a Mess!

I finally decided to download the Quadtone RIP, to help purge Piezoflush through my ink lines. But, it turned into a disaster. At first, I ran a cyan test. But, the purge print just came out blank, even though all of the nozzles are working perfectly. The photo paper just fed straight thorugh. So, I decided to try the black. That one worked. But the QTR now dumped so much ink, that it was literally running off of the paper! There was ink everywhere—all over the printer, on my clothes, on the floor… Luckily, it was heavily diluted with Piezoflush, to the point that it looked like black-cherry Koolaid. Still…

What am I doing wrong. I followed the IJM instructions for a QTR ink purge, using the “Windows” procedure listed at the bottom of the page. Am I using the wrong kind of image for a purge? My purge image is a 2x10 TIFF, of solid color. For cyan, I used R=0, G-255, B=255. For black, I used R=0, G=0, B=0.

On a related note, how do I get the ink mess off of the printer wheels? I kept running cleaning sheet after cleaning sheet through the printer. I must have gone through a couple dozen sheets of scrap paper. But, I am still getting ink marks.

Of course, I decided to make sure the printer hadn’t been damaged, by running a test print, using the regular Epson driver. It printed fine. But, before it could print, the printer suddenly had to go through an extended ink-charge cycle. What did the QTR do, to cause this?

Hi anachonon~

The RGB values you used to make flush images to print thru QTR Calibration Mode are not correct (for example, the correct values for K= 127/0/255, and C= 191/0/255), which is what caused your problem.
We provide pre-made flush images for individual channels, as well as all channels for 8 and 10-color printers, which are available for download here, where instructions for printing thru QTR Calibration Mode are located: http://www.inkjetmall.com/tech/content.php?166-Flush-individual-channel-using-QTR-Calibration-Mode

Printing flush images with the correct RGB values thru QTR Calibration Mode should give you correct results.

Please let me know, thanks~ Dana

Thanks Dana. Is there also a table, on your website, that shows the correct RGB values for all 8 colors?

No, because we provide pre-made flush images that already have the correct values to be used with QTR Calibration Mode.
FYI, here are the specific values for each channel thru QTR Calibration Mode:

K= 127/0/255
C= 191/0/255
M= 223/0/255
Y= 239/0/255
LC= 247/0/255
LM= 251/0/255
LK= 253/0/255
LLK= 254/0/255
OR= 255/0/127
GR= 255/0/191

These values can also be read from the 100% patches on the QTR ink separation page.

Thanks Dana. Those values are just what I needed. I couldn’t get the QTR Separation file to unzip—something about the files being encrypted. But, I don’t need that page now, as I can now make my own.

You’re welcome :slight_smile: