QTR Piezoraphy Curves for 4 ink setups

Is it possible to make one up with this minimal amount of inks? I have two setups in one 9800 printer. Selenium shades 2,4,5 and Carbon Sepia 2,4,5 and a shared K for both. Is it worth me spending the time to do it or just pay Inkjetmall to make them?

We have been working on (and nearing completion) developing our new Piezography Pro system, which uses two different ink tones to be able to use each individually or blend them in QTR with endless possibilities. There have been many difficulties we’ve run into during the development process, which has taken a lot of time and testing (and tweaking) over the past year+, but we’ve created something truly amazing (learning a lot in the process), and we’re very excited to be able to release it very soon.

So, you can certainly try building your own dual-quad system using the inks you currently have, but I think you will find it to be a lot easier and quicker (and probably better) to get our new Pro system when it’s released. With all the time that has been put into developing Pro, I would say it wouldn’t be economical to pay us to develop a system for the inks you have installed in your 9800.

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Warmly~ Dana :slight_smile:

But will there be a way to match the tone/color I am getting right now? Too many editions out there I need to repeat print on. What printers will it work on? Your such a tease :wink:

Also, happy with current setup with Studio Print v12 in Windows XP, but my fear is some day its going to go up in flames (dongle, etc). This is why I thought QTR would be a good backup plan.

When we get a bit further in the development to test different blending combinations, we will know better about the tonal range that can be achieved. We plan to have some canned soft proof profiles available so you can preview some different blending combinations, though there will be endless possibilities of blending with the highlight/mid-tone/shadow sliders in QTR, so each user can get a wide range of tones from one printer (no more having to choose just one tone or having to get multiple printers if you want to use more than one tone), and fine tune their own unique combination(s) they prefer for their work.

The best/easiest thing to be able to use your current setup is use StudioPrint and linearize the inks you have installed. Even with SP, I don’t believe you’d be able to print GO at the same time as inks (and get great results), as Pro will be able to do.

More news to come soon! We’re very excited about several cool new products coming this year, and think a lot of other people will be too :slight_smile:

Best~ Dana

So you say the new system will be two different ink tones. Will it be a total of 7 tones, in other words, will it need seven ink positions to work? So it would work in my 9800? And the transfer over to them, will the older inks need to be flushed out or can these new inks just push? I also have a 9900 with LC position dead, would it work in that if I was to convert it to this new system?

Because it’s still in development, and some things are yet to be finalized, I will only tell you a few things right now:

  1. Pro will use three shades of two different ink tones, with black (shared between tones), and GO (which will print at the same time as ink for gloss papers/curves).
  2. Pro will use all new inks, so you will not be able to use any of your current inks (except GO)
  3. Yes, we will be able to make custom setups for x900 printers with one or two bad channels, as we currently do with Piezography K7 or K6.

As I write this, I’m installing a new ink to continue testing/development, so more to come soon!
~Dana :slight_smile:

Thanks, look forward to it. If you need a tester with a 9900 I am game. It would help with the $ of setting it up.

Just thought of one other thing, any chance the black will be back to the d-max I use to be able to get with the Piezotones?

that’s a goal but can’t promise anything just yet.