QTR file size / dpi limits, alergic to PhotoShop 2024?

Do we know the limits of QuadTone RIP in terms of file size or dpi? I got an ‘unable to create TIF buffer’ error from QTR. It was a kinda big file (flattened TIF w/ LZW compression). I cut the size in half and it printed. ( 13x19 sheet at 1800 dpi failed, cut to 900 dpi was fine).

I’ve been working with a lot of RAW files in a project and have the HardDrive on the PC running QTR pretty stuffed at the moment. Could that be a problem?

Finally, QTR crashed out every time recently when trying to open a recent file written by Photoshop 2024. Any issue known there?

720 ppi is the QTR internal resolution. This is much different than 2880 DPI on a piece of paper.

So bring your images to 720 or lower.


Thank you. That describes best practices, but is there a known limit on the file size?

My thinking has been that the RIP is doing its own remapping unless I hit its exact dpi, so not having Photoshop remap the image down first means it is being done once, not twice.

The reason the dpi got so high was I was making a reduced-size print and didn’t want to recalc the pixel size, especially with Photoshop 22, which doesn’t sport the new and improved resizing function.

Are there issues with PS 2024 feeding QTR ? I have not updated to the latest QTR in the ‘it works well as it is’, but maybe I should.

This might be one for the QTR forum. Have you asked over there?

js, no I wasn’t aware of that support forum. Thank you for the pointer, I will look into it.

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