QTR Error: "Cannot Open Curve File: No Such File or Directory"

Hi all,

I’ve been plugging away with custom curves produced by Piezography Pro for the last few weeks, and suddenly the other day I ran into a strange error that pops up just as the file is spooling to the printer. Once I hit “Print” the following message appears in the Log File Error Display:

“ERROR: cannot open curve file 70lbs*:No Such file or directory” - the asterisk is because 70lbs refers to the first word in the filename of the curve I have selected.

I have double-checked that the file has the appropriate .quad extension, re-copied it into the directory, and have produced a second curve from Piezography Pro in case something went wrong in the linearization. Any ideas? All other curves (both canned, and made by me using Piezography Pro) are still working perfectly. I repeated the error again today with attempted curves for a different paper. I have attached the curves in question, as well as a screenshot of the error. Running the latest version of both QTR and Windows 10.
Thanks in advance,
QTR Error.zip (12.2 KB)

You hav spaces in the file name. Replace them with an underscore.


I can’t believe I hadn’t put that together for myself :man_facepalming:

Thank you Walker!