QTR 2.7.9 on Mac OS Big Sur 11.2.3 incompatible?

I am trying to install QuadToneRIP 2.7.9 on Mac OS Big Sur 11.2.3 and get the following error

“This package is incompatible with this version of macOS.”

That stops me dead in my tracks and I am unable to proceed…

Is there a workaround for this?


Indeed there is! Install version 2.7.10 of QTR.
Big Sur, like Catalina, and unlike Mojave and earlier macOS versions, requires a different location for many components of QTR.


Thank you, Keith. I will give that a try,

All the best.

That seemed to work. Thanks!

One more thing I want to mention that I just discovered this morning.

After updating from Big Sur 11.2.2 to 11.2.3, I rebooted and went immediately to check my Printers in Sys Prefs, and found the whole print system had been wiped. I was curious about this because after updating from 11.2.1 to 11.2.2, and then not printing for a couple weeks, I found the same situation but wasn’t sure exactly when it happened. Reinstalling 4 printers – the OEM drivers plus QTR for 3 of them and the Piezography “Beta” Driver for 1 – took maybe an hour at most, but all my lost presets, custom paper sizes, etc, will have to be recreated as I need/use them.

On the positive side, the Gutenprint based Piezography beta driver had not been working previously, but is after this reinstall. Previous manual delete/reinstalls had not helped.

I’m searching for info about this problem now and will call AppleCare if necessary. I’ll report back if I find anything.



I did spend a couple hours on the phone with AppleCare, including being transfered to someone at the 2nd level, but the upshot was that we will have to wait and see if the same thing happens when the next update comes along.


Oh, joy. Good old Apple. They are going to do what they are going to do.