QTR 2.7.10 / MacOS Catalina / calibration mode bug?

I recently upgraded QTR to 2.7.10 for MacOS Catalina. Installed Quad-3880-Pro from piezography curves folder. Opened Print Tool. Setup QTR in calibration mode. Went to print a 8 channel ink separation file. Ink positions 1 - 3 printed normally but ink positions 4 - 8 “flooded” the paper with ink. See attached photo:

8 chnl ink sep_

The same thing happens when I tried to print the QTR 8-ink purge.tif file

I am able to run a nozzle check using the epson printer utility without issue.



OK. Staring at too many test files and not paying close enough attention. This was user error on my part: don’t try printing a 7 channel ink pattern to an 8 channel printer! Changed the name so I won’t make that mistake again.