Purge one channel

I’m trying to purge the yellow Chanel of a 7800 in studioprint. Is it channel 4 or channel 8?

yikes, it’s been about 8 yrs since I’ve opened it.

I would think it’s #4 but this is a vague hunch/memory of mine.

If you create a new 7k environment it should list them all in order from top to bottom and I think it’s the fourth one down. Anyway, whatever Shade7 is set on will be the one.

Check this thread for the “gloss optimizer” environment I shared. This allows for purging.


On the epson 78-9800 FYI and anyone else’s eye who is interested: the yellow channel, which is channel 4 , is on slot 8, reading from left to right, So the first four channels are on the right, slots 5-8 KCMY. They show up on the left in the epson nozzle check. The channels on the left are llk, lm, lc, lk, are in slots 1-4. Whew!

So Studioprint lists the slots in an environment sequentially from 1 thru 8 in their setup, under Printer Ink Assignments. Therefore the yellow channel is the last slot on the right, #8, slot 8.

I believe Epson lists the channels as 5 thru 8 on the left and 1 thru 4 on the right, making Yellow #4. the rightmost slot. Thus if you look at the nozzle check printout, Yellow is the 4th channel on the left, from left to right. Very confusing.

So, if I want to purge the last channel, yellow in Studioprint, shall I place the flush in the last slot on the right, and call it slot 8 in the environment?

Sorry for my denseness. And thanks

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