Purchased epson 7900, now what?



HI, ok in what either a moment of madness or an inspired move i purchased a 7900 of ebay that as sold as spares or repair, this was due to the vivid magenta being completely blocked.

The printer has a printed page count of 32000, not sure if this is high?

Now i could try and just clear this one channel with some flush as per recommended method in piezography blog leave it as colour printer, or i could change all the dampers, new wiper blade and run piezoflush through all the channels and use for piezography. Even with one channel down i can still use it.

With this page count is it worth converting to piezography?

Any advice on getting this printer up and running?

If so what choice of ink set?

I already have a 4800 using K7 carbon inks and larger printer with a different ink set would be nice to have, the special edition look tempting?

In case you are wondering the price was £265 inc delivery


Hi bubblecatcher~

If the magenta channel is totally blocked, but all other channels are printing well, then I think the best thing would be to set up the printer with a custom Piezography setup.
The important factors to consider the printer’s health/condition isn’t just the printed page count, but age, use and service history. Has it always been used with Epson inks?
You will need to get a set of refill carts and PiezoFlush (at least 200ml per cart, equalling 2,200ml total- it may be best to get the gallon size bottle), which you can get http://shopping.netsuite.com/s.nl/c.362672/sc.18/category.68405/.f
Install the set of flush carts and do an Initial Fill Cycle (instructions here: http://www.inkjetmall.com/tech/content.php?151-Initial-Fill-Procedures-for-Epson-Pro-Model-Printers), then print a nozzle check to see if 1. all channels (expect VM) are printing, and 2. all channels are printing pink PiezoFlush, with all color ink purged. If color is still present, and/or nozzles are missing, then turn the printer off overnight. After 12-24hrs, do a second Initial Fill cycle, and print another nozzle check to see how things look.
The next steps will depend on how the nozzle check looks after flushing the printer.
If it looks good, then we’ll make you a custom Piezography setup, mapping out the VM channel.

If you already have Carbon, and like warmth but want something different, then I would strongly encourage you to try Special Edition (it’s my personal favorite) for a soft split tone with warm Carbon shadows, Selenium mid-tones and Neutral highlights.

I hope this helps. Please keep me posted and let me know if there’s anything else I can help you with.
Warmly~ Dana


Hi Dana,

The printer has only used genuine epson ink, will check on service history.

I have ordered some dampers and I think i will see if can get the VM channel working and then make a decision.

If i can get it working i may sell it on as irt has a high print page count and a invest in low usage 7880 as i believe the print head is less problamatic.

I i can’t get VM channel working i will convert to Pieography printer mapping out the VM channel.

Thanks for recommendation on special edition, it is one i am drawn too.

To add to the decision making i may be able to get a 4800 with print page count of only 1800, umm what to do with this if i get it :slight_smile:



Ok have taken delivery of this beast, seems it has only been use for proofing and at one time has SpectroProofer installed.

The previous owner had it serviced regulary, and only performed normal cleaning routine with no SS cleaning.

Could be hope for this even if VM remains blocked.

I am in the middle of moving office and short of time so i will leave this at new office with damp sponge inside unit to increas humidity, plus move the head over some bounty with piezoflush on it and see how this goes.


OK, I hope everything goes well.

Keep me posted! :slight_smile: