Proper (newest) printer driver for Quad3880-K7

Hi…For some ungodly reason cannot successfully print with my Quad3880-K7 printer, because it is now carrying a old Epson printer driver version (2.7.7). I have dowloaded the newest one (9.33) numerous times with the printer turned on, but following the manual when unloading the K7 quad package, the Quad3880-K7 printer still carries the old (2.7.7) driver version. What am I doing wrong? I have spent hours trying this or that to no avail. I would appreciate any help to rectify this situation!
Thank you.

It looks to me like you are confusing two different things - the Epson driver (9.33), and the QTR driver (2.7.7). They are 2 separate and independent things. QTR is the one you will be using for Piezography. You only need the Epson driver to access the Epson utilities for nozzle checks and such. QTR is actually on version 2.7.8 now so you might want to visit to update that.

Assuming you are on a Mac system, QTR is installed as a separate printer. In Sys Prefs > Printers & Scanners, both should be in the list. If not, you have not installed them correctly.

I’m not customer support, just a long-time user, but I can try to guide you thru if you need more help.