Proofing in QTR for K3V


I asked this question on the QTR yahoo group, but thought I’d ask it here also:

Forgive me if this is an annoying newbie question, but are there icc profiles that can be use for proofing in LR before going to QTR to print? Or is it assumed that if I’m using QTR I should know what I’m doing and make my own?



OK, I think I’ve got my answer. Roy provides RGB profiles that can be used for LR. However, it also occurred to me that even if I used one of the exact papers Roy made a curves for, the mixing of curves, ink density, etc creates even more variables that would have to be accounted for in a proofing profile, therefore you won’t get an accurate profile unless you make your own for the exact conditions you plan to use QTR. That is, if you’re using K3V. (I know that there’s a different workflow for piezography.)

I’ll try one of the RGB profiles and see if it comes close enough that I’d be satisfied with the proofing. I guess most people who proof take the next step and make their own profiles.