Proof of Piezography- Test Image

This article has been updated and is now a blog post at

Sadly, clicking on this link gives a 404 error - Page Not Found.

Sorry - the link gets you to the page, but the download link fails - says 404 - page not found.

It works for me . . .

It should forward to:


I can get to the page showing the target image, but if I click on the link to download the full size printable image I get the 404 error. Tested on Safari and Google )v. 64.x.x.

Clicking the link gets me the 404 - page not found
Right-click and Download linked file gets me attachment.php, and what looks like an attempt at a download, but no download of the file occurs.

Me too. The link below gets me to the download page but then when I have to click on the hyperlink “here” I get a 404

Updated here:

Relinked at blog too.

Redirecting the attachment arg permalink is not set yet but I’ll figure it out eventually . . .