Profiles for 7900 NU PiezoDN-P2

Where do I place the 7900 NU profiles? Do they go in application support>adobe>color profiles?
thanks, Joe

On a Mac, you don’t place them anywhere. They will be installed to the correct location (HD>Library>Printers>QTR>quadtone>[printername]. This is useful to know for when you want to delete unused curves that have accumulated) when you run the Install command from the proper folder which I think should be named 7900-9900-PiezoDN-P2 and should be in the Curves folder rather than Curves-HD. Unfortunately, that folder seems to be AWOL. (See my reply to your other post.)

With PiezoDN curves, the particular K6/7 inkset you are using (NU) is irrelevant since the same curves are used as starting curves with any of the available tones. E.g.: Walker creates them using the Selenium inkset, I use the Carbon inkset, others are using WN and SE as well as NU.

By the way, one way of preventing curves you will never use from being installed each time you add something new is to make a subfolder within the Curves folder for your printer and move the unwanted curves into it. They will not be installed when you run the Install command.

~ Keith

Thank you Keith. I didn’t see a 7900-9900 PeizoDN P2 in the curves as well. Can I find the curves-HD fOlder and use those? I’m planning on using the 7900 for prints as I have previously w K6/7 NU. I use the 3800 with Selenium PiezoDN inks which I made a curve for a year ago. I’m hoping that curve still works! I’ve replaced the inks and cartridges since all were lost in my move!

Thanks for your help.