"professionally cleaning" SC-P series printers

I have a quick question. are the cleaning procedures (capping station, wiper blade, etc.) for the SC-P series large format printers the same as the 7XX0 / 9XX) series printers in Dana’s video on “How to Professional Clear Epson 7890, 9890… printers”? The wiper assembly part number is the same for all these printers. From Dana’s video and photos in the PX000 Field Repair Guide it seems as is the cleaning assembly (the term Epson uses for the PX000 series as opposed to the older terms flushing box, capping station, etc.) is also the same across the older 7/9XXX series and the newer P-series?

The second question I have when does one decide to replace the entire cleaning assembly vs. just the wiper assembly on a P-series printer? Assuming the capping station assemblies can be cleaned and are not torn or damaged; same goes for the flushing box, I assume that only the wiper assembly should be changed?

thank you!

Same procedure except I recommend removing the entire right side of the printer when you do the P-series cleaning (with printer off).

Replace the wiper blade every year.

Replace both wiper blade and cleaning (pump cap) assembly every 2 years.


thank you.


Follow up question. As part of the changing out the complete cleaning assembly (with wiper blade) and ink exchanger assembly (aka dampers) and converting the printer from OEM to Pro inks, is it a crazy idea to remove the inktubes completely (since one side will have been removed already), and clean them out with piezoflush and / or warm water. This looks to be a relatively easy procedure (removing the ink tubes). This might reduce / remove any ink staining from the OEM inks. Anyone tried this? Crazy idea? :slight_smile: