Problems with my Refillable carts for Epson 3885

Hi there!

I just bought and received 9 refillable 80 ml cartridges, syringes, and inks for my 3885, bought in HK. I followed the instructions both on line and included in the order (I also watch the video as well). When I placed the cart in the 3885 it gave me a “Ink Cartridge Error, Please install the correct Cartridge” I checked the placement and condition of the chips, and even did a reset of the printer as described on your site.
I also check that the reseting cheep its in contact with the original chip underneath, and everything is fine (i pain the tips of the reset chip, so later I could see if the tips were touching the corresponding contacts of the original Epson chip underneath, of course I clean properly with isopropyl later on).

Also I try the way of removing the waste ink tank and power off, later power on, input the waste tank and insert again all the cartage, but still displaying the same error.
The carton box of the cartridge shows a label MAY-2013 and SEPTEMBER-2013.

Also each position have the correct Epson chip and the correct location.

I don’t know what to do and its very frustrating, I bought it also the MPS system (k7 piezography) and its impossible to do nothing…

I hope I can fix it soon, I heard that the head its not seal and the remain ink might dry…

Thx and regards from China

same problem here. just received a set of Inkjetmall 80ml cartridges for my Stylus Pro 3850 today. after very carefully chipping, filling, priming and installing 4 of the cartridges (colours that I had spare OEM chips for), the printer refuses to recognise them, even after multiple restarts and multiple tries with the ‘reset’ routine. I no longer have the date labels so I can’t tell you what was written on them.

out of desperation, I ordered a visibly identical set of cartridges from taobao this evening. it’ll be interesting to see if they work.

Hong Kong

Hi Gerar and Gregory. I asked our cartridge manufacturer about the 3885 and 3850 printers, and they said the carts are the same but they use different chips. We have a refillable cartridge solution for the 3800 and 3880 models, but not the 3850 or 3885. You will need reset chips for these cartridges, specific to the 3885 or 3850 printer models you’re using.

Best regards~ Dana

Hi Dana!

Does this manufacture produce also reset chips for the Epson 3885? Do you have he’s contact?


Gerar, if you’re interested in knowing if the taobao resetter chips work for my Pro 3850, please send me an email (me at gregory dot hk). probably not polite/respectful to discuss such things here on Inkjetmall’s forum. we could even meet for coffee if you visit Hong Kong :slight_smile:


I believe our cartridge manufacturer has carts/chips for the 3850 and 3885 printers, but not sure if they sell them separately, or just with carts. Please understand, I can’t give out our sources, but you can check the Alibaba website for these carts to find different companies to contact for reset chips.

Best regards~ Dana

Hi Dana,

I understand, trough Taobao, I get it now and its working!

Thanks and best regards
P.D: Gregory, send my your email trough P.M


Hi Gerar~

Thanks for the update, I’m glad to hear you were able to get it working. Could you share what you did to get it working to help others who may have the same issue?

Best regards and happy printing~ Dana :slight_smile:

Hi Dana!

Sure, I just search in Taobao for a new chips specifically for the 3885 refill carts. So the problem of the “error” recognition was caused by the incorrect printer model.
I still don’t understand why Epson make 3 “different models”: 3880 in USA and Europe, 3885 in Hong Kong and Taiwan; and 3890 in China…I would think is a marketing issue, but then all the carts and chips doesn’t “talk” each other…

Now I have another issue, I bought a reset chip for the waste ink tank and obviously is not working due to this problem, so I will try to find same one in Taobao (Chinese eBay).

Thanks for the continuous support Dana!

Best regards from China!

Thanks for the additional information Gerar!

Best regards and happy printing~ Dana