Problems printing gloss

Printer 11880

Piezo K7 + gloss
Paper Size 111,8 x 82 cms
Image Size 100 x 70 cms
Curve for Canson Platine

The image is printed without problems. When I go to print the gloss, using the same measure of canvas, the printer in the middle of the print stops.

Do you have any solutions?

Check this thread.


I have checked the thread and have performed some test I had not done. I have not had positive results.

The copy is always stopped at the same distance, 76 cms, on a canvas of 111.8 cms.

I also made a copy on white paper and the results are the same.

Do you have any other solution?

Thank you.

Are you setting your custom paper size to have the width be the width of the paper and the height be the height that you want to print? At this setting you then print in portrait mode. These two things need to be checked before I can offer further comments.


Paper Size: 143 x 111.8
Image Size: 131 x 100
Print in portrait mode
Everything is perfectly configured
Works well in smaller sizes