Problems "priming" new (used) 3800



The Epson 3800 I was using for Piezography died so I have a new (used) Epson 3800 printer that I’m trying to set up for Piezography. As part of setting up this printer I put in a new damper unit and new ink tubes. I have a full set of Piezoflush cartridges installed in the printer and I’m trying to clear out the remaining old ink before installing the Piezography cartridges. I should note that before doing any of this I ran a nozzle check and everything looked good.

I’ve run 5 or 6 power cleans (with some pauses in-between to allow the print head to cool down) and I can see that the ink has started entering the tubes but now it isn’t moving.

I tried using the 2manuals tool to run an initial ink charge but I keep getting a communication error. I’ve contacted 2manuals about this but it seems like I should be able to do what need to do using Power Cleans. When I installed a new damper and ink tubes in my 3880 I primed that printer using just the power cleans and it worked fine.

Any ideas about what I should do next? Thanks!



OK. I figured out the problem with getting the 2manuals adjustment tool to run. It has to be run under Windows XP service pack 3 compatibility mode. I probably took note of this when I first used it a year ago, but I’d forgotten since then and somehow those settings must have gotten reset in the interim.

Sadly, this did not solve my ink charge problem. I ran an initial ink charge and the ink tubes still haven’t filled. I have my old 3800 as a parts machine so I can start swapping out parts, the trick is figuring out what to replace. I’ve already tried replacing the ink bay unit, but that made no difference. The next part that it comes to my mind to replace is the pressure pump.


I think your dampers are possible screwed down too tight. I suggest taking them out and putting them back in.

This is generally the problem (damper positioning) when replacing dampers and then seeing no ink run.



Thanks! So I just tightened the screws too much when putting in the damper unit?


Yes. That could very well be the case.


Thank you Walker! You’ve come through again. It took three tries but the ink (actually Piezoflush) is finally moving. After two power cleans I now have a nice looking nozzle check pattern of Piezoflush. Now on to installing the Piezography inks.

I’ll add here my notes about what seemed to work, in case it’s helpful for anyone who comes across this thread. After taking the damper unit back out (I think I could now take that damper unit out in my sleep!) I used some Piezoflush and q-tips to clean the underside of the damper unit and the surface it seats on. I then did my best to slide the damper unit into place evenly, rocking it gently to get it to seat well, without overdoing it. Then, when putting in the two screws that hold the damper unit in place I tightened them moderately firmly without overdoing it. After attaching the grounding wire I tried not to push too hard in case that force might shift the damper unit.


Glad to hear it’s all back in working order!