Problems Installing 3880 Piezo DN Folders

Hi. I just returned from your DN Workshop. I am having problems installing the 3880 Peizo DN Folders. I could successfully download the K7 folders. However, when I tried to install 3880 Piezo DN Folder I got an “Alert” message saying: Unable to create curve folder. Can you please help me how to rectify this issue?
Also, I would appreciate if you can email me at <removed> the 3880 Piezo DN folders so that I can install them on my desktop.

Also, I am in the process of purchasing the X-Rite I1 Pro. Which model should I purchase? the X-Rite Basic or the the X-Rite Photo?

Your help is appreciated!
Mohan Bhasker

Dear Mohan. You have the BETA install package on your laptop currently. You should be able to simply put this on a thumb drive and install it on your desktop.

Again, this is beta (for all those who are reading this post).

I will email you directly with more specifics off-list.