Problem with scratching prints when applying gloss overlay

I’m printing on 9880 Epson printer, the type of roll paper I have been using is John Crone Type 5. When I run the print through to apply the gloss over lay after letting dry for 72hr the head of the sensor scratches the print. This happens when I print larger then 16x20, these issues also happen with other thick fiber based papers such as hahnemuhle papers. Does not happen as frequently with Epson or other rc paper, only a fiber based roll paper exceeding a gsm of 250, Sheet paper does not have this issue.

Hi Nathan~

I have raised the top metal cover of all our production 9880/7880 printers to widen the paper gap, as I noticed paper was scratching across this metal since there’s normally only about 1/8" gap for paper to feed thru. I also use cardboard sheets attached to roll paper cores so paper feeds straight/flat into the printer, and isn’t bowed out, which will cause it to rub against the printer more- flat feed is the best way to get consistently good results.

I hope this helps!
Best regards and happy printing~ Dana :slight_smile: