Problem with refillable carts

I put a new set of refillable carts with PiezoPRO in my new 3880 yesterday. All carts worked except position 8 (VLM) & 9 (Y). After multiple troubleshooting steps including putting a small soft shim under the OEM chip, then removing it, I finally got the printer to accept the IJM Yellow cart. But VLM is being very stubborn. In the meantime, LLK also became sporadic at being recognized. After 10-12 removals, adjusting the chip resetter, and re-inserting, I’m back to the only cart not working is VLM.

I made at least 20 adjustments with no success. I removed the OEM chip and placed it back on the empty Epson VLM cart, and carefully inserted it in the printer. The printer screen displayed non-Epson ink is inserted and gave a warning on printer functionality with non-OEM ink. I had to select “AcCCEPT” in order to continue. The printer immediately did a 100% ink charge before allowing me to open the ink cover and replace the empty VLM Cartridge with the IJM cartridge. However, I again got the error “Please Install the Correct Cartridge”

It appears there is an issue with the IJM VLM cartridge that I received. Is there any possibility of replacing it this week?

Jon, Dana, and Walker.

I installed the replacement VLM Refillable Cartridge. It is doing the same thing as the old one. The printer displays Cartridge error with “Please insert the correct Cartridge”. I pulled the chip out of the new refillable cart and inserted it back into the OEM Epson VLM cart. Printer recognizes it just fine. Went back to the refillable cart and got the same “wrong cart” error.

Any chance I have a 3800 cart instead of a 3880? The sticker on the cart says LM not VLM.

Greg Porter

The cart would only say LM not VLM. We are pulling a bunch of carts from warehouse and will sort out Monday and send verified cart to you.

sorry for delay

I am having the identical problem with my 3880 and the refillable cart for the VLM position. I have tried the ‘pull all carts and maint. tank, shutoff 3m, restart, push in main. cart, push in ink carts’ suggestion, I have reinserted multiple times, followed by pushing up on the bottom of the cart, no change. If I push the VLM cart in very forcefully I can get the ‘Ink cartridge error’ message to go away, only to return after closing the ink cart door. I’ve installed a dozen IJM carts in both my 3880 and 3800 (Piezo) printers, and only had trouble with recognition once. Cleaning the contacts for the OEM and reset chips seemed to do the trick, but no this time. No amount of chip cleaning or reinstalling seems to work. The OEM chip is installed in the proper orientation, the resetter is flush with the top of the cart. I’m in the middle of a big print project, but now dead in the water. Was there any resolve on the issue for Cincinnati? Thanks - Greg

Dear Rollei. We will send a new VLM control chip!

You’ll see the tracking in your email on Monday.

all the best,